Harvard Dataverse (2022)

with L. Brachtendorf and D. Harhoff

We provide data with information on the semantic similarity of more than 200 million patent-standard pairs for three major standard-setting organizations: ETSI, IEEE and ITU-T. The semantic similarity of patents to standards can be used to approximate their standard essentiality.

Data description:
Approximating the Standard Essentiality of Patents – A Semantics-Based Analysis. Final report for the EPO Academic Research Programme, June 12, 2020.

IAB FDZ (2019)

with M. Dorner, D. Harhoff, K. Hoisl and F. Poege

We introduce the employer-employee inventor dataset INV-BIO ADIAB 1980-2014, which records complete biographies of more than 150,000 inventors in Germany between 1980 and 2014. This dataset tracks each inventor’s employment status and inventive output over time with high precision.

Data description:
Linked Inventor Biography Data 1980-2014. FDZ Data Report 03/2018.